Nelson thinks outside the box again

One of my publishers, Thomas Nelson, is not afraid to try new things. Publishers Weekly reports:

"Starting February 28, the first half of Need You Now is available for 99 cents from all major e-book retailers. In mid April, the second half of the e-book, as well as the full e-book and the physical trade paperback will be available. The second half of the e-book will have a list price of $10.99, and the complete e-book as well as the trade paperback will have list prices of $15.99."

Read more about Nelson's interesting move here.
I'm not sure it's been tried before. It will be interesting to see if it pays off.

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It seems to me that a big attraction of ebooks is that you can get them right away. So I wonder how people will feel about getting half the book and then waiting a month for the rest of it.

We're all just experimenting here, aren't we? ;-)