Haven't I heard about you someplace before - dueling premises

From Publishers Weekly, both middle grade:

Ward's The Fantastic Family Whipple and an untitled sequel in a pre-empt for world English rights. The debut middle-grade series follows Arthur Whipple, the only non-record breaker in the Most World-Record-Breaking Family on Earth, who investigates his family's sudden string of disasters, and discovers a conspiracy, a family curse, and his own role within his family. Publication is set for fall 2013; Laura Rennert and Lara Perkins at Andrea Brown Literary Agency were the agents.

Molly O'Neill at Katherine Tegen Books has acquired Molly Burnham's humorous debut middle-grade series at auction, in a three-book deal. In the still-untitled first book,10-year-old Teddy Campbell seeks to stand apart from his six siblings by nabbing a listing in the Guinness Book of World Records. Publication date has not been set; Tina Wexler at ICM negotiated the deal for world rights.

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