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What's going to be hot in books for kids and teens?

Scholastic editors said:  
  1. Bullying is THE Timely Topic in Kids’ Books.
  2. True Sci-fi. 
  3. Intriguing Nonfiction.
  4. Novels-in-Cartoons.
  5. Kid Lit on the Screen.
  6. War.
  7. Tough Girls.
  8. Survival Stories.
  9. Spotlight on Diversity.
  10. Nature Runs Amok.
I've got number 7 covered, and maybe 8 with the next book.  
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My next book (fall '13) is in the #1 category. But that makes me kind of nervous, because "what's hot" becomes "what's not" so quickly.

Yet, most of those on the list seem evergreen, too. There will always be room for survival stories!