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Blood Will Tell

Kids? Priceless. Number of Sex Offenders Registered on MySpace? 29,000

MySpace has deleted 29,000 users who were sex offenders.

That’s scary, but what’s even scarier is that those were just the sex offenders who were stupid enough to register using their real names.

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I have a spoof Myspace site I started, although I have maintained it as much as I should. Rather randomly, I decided the site, which belongs to a piece of gunk stuck on the side of a filing cabinet, was a young man's. Pretty much every day that site gets a friend request from some imaginary girl who would love to show him naked pictures of herself, but mean old Myspace won't let her, so could he please click on this link. There's a cycle of come-ons. For a while it was just "I was looking at Myspace and I thought you looked cute," and more recently it's been "I just broke up with my boyfriend and to get him back I'm posing nude." So even if you know a boy kid on Myspace, they are not immune from sexual solicitations.

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