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I have my doubts about Kindle, Amazon's new electronic reader. This interview discusses some very interesting reasons why paper books might not go away.

"I think there is something about paper's disconnection from the Web that is very appealing to people, the idea that you can't click away to another site, to an email, to something you need to check, that when you have a piece of paper in front of you, a paper medium, you are focused on just that.... there are many old-fashioned devices that people have been predicting would go away for generations. ... Futurists have been predicting the death of the hinge for generations. Science-fiction movies since time immemorial, and stories, have always had sliding doors, doors that disappear into walls.... Hinges are old-fashioned. Doors that are hinges take up space needlessly and so forth. And yet the hinge lives on because hinged doors do things for people that they like. They are expressive. You can slam doors. You can use doors to send messages."

To read the interview, click here.

To read the essay, Hamlet's Blackberry, click here.

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