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Blood Will Tell

If it smells bad, it probably is bad

When pubilshers or agents want money from you up front, run like hell the other way.

Here is something a member of the Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators just recieved from a company called White Mane Publishing. It was listed in the 2006 Children's Writer's and Illustrators Guide. This sounds like a vanity press to me.:

Dear Ms. X:

Our review board has completed their review of your manuscript, TITLE OF MANUSCRIPT, and is interested in publication. However, due to declining sales in the retail market, a guaranteed purchase would be required. Details as follows:

Guarantee sales of 1,000 copies within the first year of publication with an initial author purchase of 250 copies at half of the retail price upon completion. It would be a trade paperback edition. Retail price $8.95. The guarantee of 1,000 copies would be broken into four quarterly installments. Sales would be defined as monies received. In addition, an $1800 editorial prep free would be required which includes cover design.

A 10% royalty is offered on copies sold through our normal distribution.

If you would like to review a preliminary contract, please let us know and one will be forwarded to you.

Acquistions Dept.
White Mane Publishing Co., Inc.

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