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Last night we got terrible but expected news. Our friend Craig has died. My husband and I met him right after we graduated college. He became one of my husband's best friends.

I posted about him over two years ago:

Our friend Craig lives in his own world. He's had a rare type of leukemia for years. He doesn't work any more. He doesn't watch TV or go to movies. He reads all the time and listens to classical music. He reads the paper, but obviously not the entertainment section.

So Harrison Ford is in town making a movie. I guess Callista Flockhart has been or is with him. Somehow Craig ended up meeting them, I think through friends of the woman he's house sitting for.

"I'm Craig _________" he says to Harrison.

"I'm Harrison Ford."

"And what do you do, Harrison?"

Harrison laughed and said it was the best thing he had heard all day. I guess it was a relief to be treated like anybody else.

Far too many of our friends have died this year.

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Tags: lost, love, sad
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