Anyone can self-publish a kid's book with a badly illustrated cover - even a serial killer

Recently, Jezebel reported: “J.D. Bauer is an outspoken environmentalist who's written a young adult novel called Quest for Water. Incidentally, he's also a serial killer. Earlier this week, The Province reported that Bauer was actually Charles Kembo, a Canadian man currently in prison for murdering his wife, his mistress, his friend, and his stepdaughter.

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you find the creepiest stories!!

This makes me so uncomfortable, looking at many sides of the issue (as a librarian, a writer, a parent)... but I think it's worth discussing, and looking at our feelings of discomfort.

(I sometimes joke that my long term retirement plan, as somewhere I could afford to live & write, involves incarceration -- but I know it's not really funny)
It seems like there have been a lot of sociopathic writers in the news lately - like that major plagiarist, whom I would guess also has something broken inside him.

This guy is an unusual serial killer in that he preyed on friends and family - not hookers or runaways.