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What do you do when you get caught cheating? Lie

Remember that spy novel that turned out basically to be a bunch of other spy novels stitched together, with a few names changed? Well it sure looks like another novel drew heavily from a much older novel on the same subject: Edgar Allen Poe's cousin/wife.

Here's just one of many examples:

O'Neal (old book): "She would smile and, if the ladies were not looking, reach for his hand and give it a reassuring squeeze. The trip, something over 20 miles, took about an hour."

Hart (new book): "During the rare moments the ladies weren't looking our way, I'd slide a hand along the seat behind the swell of my skirts, capture Eddy's fingers, and give a quick squeeze. Petersburg lay 20 miles distant. 'The trip should take little over an hour,' he informed me."

The author claims that these accusations are being made by someone who attacks anyone who writes about Poe, and that any similar phrases are because they relied on the same primary sources.

Uh huh.

Read more here.

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Tags: lies, plagarism
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