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Someone’s making money on ebooks - but it’s not always the author

A recent article in the Wall St. Journal begins:

Self-publishing these days is increasingly a tale of two cities.
There are established authors, like Nyree Belleville, who says she's earned half a million dollars in the past 18 months selling direct rather than through a publisher..
Then there are new authors, like Eve Yohalem. More than a month after self-publishing, she has grossed about $100 in sales— after incurring costs of $3,400. She said she's in no rush, though.

The article goes on to say that Yohalem spent $3,000 having someone format her book.As someone who has formatted her own out-of-print books as ebooks, all I can say is ouch! That’s not worth it!

Read the rest of the article here.

I’ve put all of my out of print books back up as ebooks. Here are links to all my ebooks.

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