Writing a blurb or flap copy? Helpful hints

There's a tongue-in-cheek guide to writing flap copy (the copy on the inside of a book's jacket flap) which you can read here.

Tips include:

- Always use "stunning," except when the book is about the history of the stun gun.
- In addition to "stunning," use at least three of the following adjectives for every flap: "Enthralling," "gritty," "original," "remarkable," "magical," "ground-breaking," "arresting," "dazzling," "heartbreaking," "compelling," "devastating," "captivating."
- Find a way to work in "best-selling," even if it has to take the form of something like "Often compared to the stunning best-selling novelist _________..."

I think a lot of these rules could be helpful to writers blurbing other authors. [Kind of sort of joking.]

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