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It drives me up the wall when I read something in a book that I know is wrong. Wrong and Google-able. (I actually used to write in the pre-Internet, or at least pre-widely available Internet, when it was not quite so easy to check things out and I felt more comfortable just guessing or making stuff up.)

So the last few days I have spent time finding out:

- If red-tailed hawks eat road kill (if fresh, yes)
- Does Oregon pay for braces for kids in foster care (no)
- What time are trial advocacy classes at the U of W (late afternoon)
- What testimony did the original grand jury hear in the Phoebe Prince case (actually, I can't find that, which makes sense, grand jury testimony is probably sealed, still I would like to know more)

The only bad thing about checking out all this stuff and getting it right is that it adds very little or nothing to my word count.

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re: braces for foster kids. Unfortunately OHP doesn't pay that expense even in the rare instance that it has been deemed medically necessary. And the State of Oregon doesn't have a fund to cover that kind of expense. However, I have known case workers to cold call orthodontists and sucessfully solicit their services free braces for foster kids.

All subjects that peak my interest. Except maybe the road kill eating red-tailed hawk. No, that peaks my interest, too. Wondering what you're writing....