aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Who do you trust? The reviewer or the bookstore folks?

Harper Collins ran a newspaper ad using a phrase from a review from the Washington Post. That's pretty normal. What's not is that the phrase is "written in a droning monotone." It was an ad for Sacred Games, the 900-page book by Vikram Chandra. HC used the scathing quote in full-page ad in the very same paper that the review had appeared in. They contrasted it with an endorsement from staff at the DC independent bookstore, Politics & Prose, which says they "beg to differ" with the critic, and found the book "vastly entertaining."

Controversy sells, I guess, but if I were the author, I would be wincing. [Full disclosure: and I know it should be "Whom do you trust?" but that felt too pedantic.]

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