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Sometimes it's worth it to hire a native-speaking translator

I saw an Actifry at Costco and kind of got seduced by the idea of deep-fat frying in only a tablespoon of oil. I wondered if it could make donuts, which led me to their web site.

Here are Q&A from Actifry's site:

4 - What are the advantages of the ACTIFRY cooking method?
The avantages of the Actifry cooking method is that food will keep the natural qualities necessary to our good alimentation, it will limit the use of fat (indeed, the pale allows a homogeneous repartition of oil on the food), and will also allow to rediscover the forgotten tastes and flavors while limiting the preparation time of the meals!

7 - How many time do we need to cook 2pounds of chips in the ACTIFRY?
To cook 1kg of fresh chips with your ACTIFRY, only 35 minutes are necessary. You don't have oil to check and you will manage to do crispy French fries every times (in one cooking). Put the chips in the Actifry, one tablespoon of oil, select the cooking time and off you go!

Thank goodness the pale allows a homogeneous repartition of oil on the food every times!

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