A murder of crows

You've got to turn your speakers way up to get the full effect. I wasn't the only one in my neighborhood who went outside to gape.

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They are doing the exact. same. thing here. In our pines. It's really a bit unnerving.
This is spooky. I live in Nebraska, and about a month ago I heard them doing the very same thing. Definitely creepy.
Someone else added a link about why they do it - it's all part of roosting.

The Birds messed us all up!
The roosting idea makes sense. There's flock of swifts that return every year to a Portland elementary school's chimney. Now that I know what they were doing, not so scary.
I had not watched The Birds until this year - although I read the short story when I was a teenager. I understand Hitchcock bought the story and kept little of it beyond the title and the basic idea.