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Want to be reviewed by a NY Times bestselling author?

Well, now you can. And it will only cost you $399. Who cares if the "New York Times bestselling author" was last on the list 24 years ago? Or that she wrote bodice-rippers like "Reap the Savage Wind"? Because you can even "correct" the "review" if you want.

Read more here in Slate.

My favorite part of the article: "Not surprisingly, many BookSurge titles boast enthusiastic reviews by Marsh. "For anyone seeking a health program that really works ... a motivating and significant book," Marsh gushed about The Beer Drinkers [sic] "Diet". "We are drawn into this seaboard existence, seeing the stars pronging the sails at night, the flying fish that land on deck, and even the birds that fly, unaware, into the mast," Marsh cooed over The Last Voyage of the Cosmic Muffin."

"Stars pronging the sails"? I'm not sure what it means, but it sounds obscene. Maybe someone better get the hose.

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