Things I don't do: other people's homework

So a girl emailed me this morning (Christmas Eve). This is her email:

I am doing a project on your book, girl stolen. I have to write a brief biography on you and I can't find much information. So I was wondering if you can write one about yourself? Thanks so much! :)

Be sure to include:
Date and place of birth
Family information
Lifetime accomplishments
Major events of life
Effects/impact on society, historical significance

I told her she should check Wikipedia and the "About April" section on my website, and she was on her own for deciding my historical significance.

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Ha! I would consider it "historically significant" that someone would think me a worthy topic for an English Literature assignment. ;-) ;-) ;-)
Good point. I'm afraid I believe I have little historical significance. Then again, who does?
For the first time in my long library career, I told a mom on the phone that I would pull bios on Teddy Roosevelt for her, but she would have to read them and synthesize the info herself bc I wasn't doing her daughter's report for her.
Good question! This is the 2nd time this mom has called and when I answered the phone she tried to phrase the essay question as if it was her own question. But as part of our "reference interview" I found out that it was for an 11th grade HS social studies report. She's really nice on the phone but not doing her daughter any favors. I mean yes, we'll answer questions about historical events, etc, but I can't read the Roosevelt bio for you and determine Teddy's strategy for America at the turn of the century. :-P