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Some people have time capsules. I have Costco kitchen bags

A few years back, I realized that it took us a long time to go through our Costco box of kitchen bags. And each time I pulled one from the box, I'd wonder, "What was happening in my life when I bought these bags? How much has changed since then?"

So the next time I bought them, which was May 10, 2010, I wrote a few notes on the back. I had finished one book (which turned out not be to finished at all when the editor looked at it). I was half way through a book that will now be coming out in 2013. I was in the middle of selling English rights to Girl, Stolen, and had just learned Teen had skipped school. And I did not look at the notes until I got to the end of the bags.

And more than 18 months later, I got a new box of kitchen bags. In the interim, I completely revised the bank robbery book (throwing away approximately 99.9% of it), sold Finish Her Off, have sold English rights to The Night She Disappeared (and weighed in on appropriate English substitutions for "vest" and "Pabst") and Teen has transferred schools.

Of course, those 18 months brought a lot of changes I didn't see coming, some good, some bad. I'm trying to appreciate my circumstances and my friends more, to have more realization that what you have now is not what you will have tomorrow (sometimes for good and sometimes for ill).

And I have new notes on the back of my new box - which I guess I will look at again in the summer of 2013. I wonder what the next 18 months hold?

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