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Street Books offers free books to the homeless

Street Books is a cart in Portland that loans books to the homeless - and unlike the library, there are no fines for returning the books late or losing them. It began as some kind of only-in-Portland art installation project, but then the woman doing it decided to keep it going when she saw what a need it met.

KGW reports: Billi Creed is one of those regulars. He's lived on the streets since he was 18 and hopes to move into an apartment soon. But for now he and his wife camp along Burnside street. “I think it’s [Street Books] an awesome idea. It gives the homeless a chance to read," said Creed.
 Creed  said he has $400 in fines at the public library and can not check books out anymore. But he loves to read and spends hours in books when he can. “The reason why I like books is, I can escape into the story. It gets me out of the real world for a little bit," he explained.

Read more here.

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