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How a Inkpop helped one novice writer - and led to a 3-book deal

If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen Carrier of the Mark everyplace - what a beautiful and eye-catching cover.

There’s also an interesting backstory, as Publishing Perspectives reports:

But then she discovered Inkpop — one of the first interactive writing platforms for teens backed by a major publisher. Launched by HarperCollins in 2009, Inkpop combines community publishing, user-generated content, and social networking to connect aspiring writers of teen literature with talent-spotting readers and publishing professionals. Fallon uploaded her manuscript and almost immediately it caught the attention of readers – within three weeks it had risen to the site’s “Top Five” most read and highly rated manuscripts.

And along with its popularity came suggestions from young readers, the very same readers who would be the book’s target audience if and when it should be published. Some of their suggestions were minor; others were major, such as changing the book’s opening to give it a more immediate dramatic impact. All were taken into account as Fallon continued to work and rework her manuscript. Her reasoning? “If there’s something there that irks them, I should change it. If they don’t like it, the readers won’t either.”

Read more about this unusual - and maybe trendsetting - journey to publication here.

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