I am Toad

I really love Arnold Lobel’s Frog and Toad series. Frog and Toad Together begins:

One morning Toad sat in the bed. “I have many things to do,” he said. “I will write them all down on a list so that I can remember them.” Toad wrote down in a piece of paper:
A list of things to do today.

Then he wrote: Wake up.
 “I have done that,” said Toad and he crossed out: Wake up.

I have a feeling Lobel understood the craziness that sometimes infests list makers. Where you might end the day with 48 things crossed off your list of 50, but not the two most important things. Yet somehow you feel like you accomplished something, because you crossed stuff off your list.

Just then there was a strong wind. It blew the list out of Toad’s hand. The list blew high up into the air.

“Help!” cried Toad. “My list is blowing away. What will I do without my list?”

“Hurry!” said Frog. “We will run and catch it.”

“No!” shouted Toad. “I cannot do that.”

“Why not?” asked Frog.

“Because,” wailed Toad, “running after my list in not one of the things that I wrote on my list of things to do!”

This year, I’m trying to be open to doing things not on my list. Or putting things on my list that I can’t easily cross off, yet attempting them anyway.

Are you a list maker?

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Love that!
1. I do make lists
2. I was trying to transition from my planner to my iphone, but the list is not as satisfying.
3. If I don't have a list, I wander about and don't stay on task.
4. I like your idea, "putting things on my list that I can't easily cross of, yet attempting them anyway."
I can't function properly without a list. Not sure why, but having the power to cross things off makes life seem doable. :)

I love crossing things off. Love it. And the sight of a list with most everything crossed off.
I'm a list maker, primarily because some days, I fear I'll forget something big (like an appt.), and other days, writing down all the things I need to do gives a little bit of order to the chaos (or what feels like chaos, anyway). It's calming.
Just making a list feels like an accomplishment. Maybe I should put "make list" as the first item on my daily list.
That story always makes my daughter laugh, and me, too. I'm wedded to lists myself. Sad to say, I have not one but TWO of them beside me as I type this.
I think in Myers-Briggs, lists are one of the clearest signs that you are a J. When I die, I'll probably be making a list.
I've started making lists but only of "work" things because I found I was bouncing between several projects and I needed some kind of visual reminder of where I was. But normally, I'm not really a list maker -- though I did find marking stuff of the list to be really satisfying.