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Barbara's obit

This captures a lot of the essence of Barbara. I remember being with her at a signing when a guy in motorcycle leathers and tattoos started walking toward us. Barbara froze, thinking it looked like someone she knew from her past, a double-murderer. But it was a different old biker, and they had a fine time swapping stories. I remember another time she was reiminiscing about how she and a girlfriend jumped out of some guy's truck with all his money. They used it to buy coke and shoot up, but they didn't have the right needles, so they had to improvise.

I felt like a choir girl. What stories could I tell in turn? The time we TPd somebody's house?

How many other people could pull off such a turnaround, from heroin-addict biker girl to best-selling author? I would guess most of the people she knew in her teens were dead before they were 30. And her experiences might have toughened her up some, but they never hardened her.

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