Scary dreams and good things

There's an an ad in Shelf Awareness for The Night She Disappeared. (Pets.)

For the first time in my career, I have a UK edition of a book -in this case, Girl, Stolen.. I've always heard it's hard to sell a mystery or thriller in the UK because they already have so many excellent writers in that genre. Coals to Newcastle kind of deal.

I dreamed that a few years ago I gave birth to a baby, but things didn't work out. It was stunted and never learned to walk. The doctors determined that it hadn't spent enough time inside me. The solution: Push it back up. They did not listen when I protested that the baby was now far too big to go back.

Could this have anything to do with my crazy deadline?

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The symbolism in my dreams about babies is never too complicated. When we were trying to get pregnant, I dreamed I found a nest with eggs in it - but they were bad.
I love the book girl,stolen but when i was done reading i thougth about what did she say and do she ever got to hang with him agin so if it not to much to ask could you make a girl.stolen 2.
Re: hi
I think you might actually know what she said ;-)

When I write a book I like to focus on people at the scariest moment in their lives. Unless they're working in law enforcement, I don't like to put them through too much trauma.

I do have a new book coming out called The Night She Disappeared.