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The premise that just keeps on giving

Great minds think alike, as you can see from these deal listings in Publisher’s Marketplace (ETA more books, thanks Tami Sauer!):

Michele Jaffe's ROSEBUSH, in which a girl wakes up in a rosebush after a crazy night and realizes someone tried to kill her

Adrienne Maria Vrettos's untitled NYC mystery [which became BURNOUT and pubbed last September], in which a teenage girl wakes up in a nearly empty subway car to find herself in an unfamiliar costume and makeup, with no memory of what's happened to her in the three days since Halloween; it will take her five days to figure out why she only has six days to live

Robin Mellom's debut DITCHED, pitched as THE HANGOVER for teens, in which a girl finds herself lying in a ditch the morning after her prom with no memory of the last twelve hours which includes a disappearing prom date, a Tinkerbell tattoo, and a dog-swapping escapade

NYT bestselling author April Henry's FINISH HER OFF, about a 17-year old girl who wakes up on the floor of a remote cabin with no memory of who she is, how she came to be there, or why men are trying to hunt her down and kill her.

Courtney Summers's ALL THE RAGE, about a young girl who wakes up on the side of the road with no memory of how she got there, with a semi-erased message she left for herself her only clue; as she pieces together the evening before and all of the events leading up to it, a dark and sinister game is revealed.

I loved Burnout and I’m sure I’ll love All the Rage (which is a great title). The other titles Tami suggested I'm going to track down read. And I’m sure I'll find out we’re each doing something completely different with the same kernel of an idea.

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Tags: dueling premises, what if?

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