Recognize that logo in a TV show? It’s no coincidence

In nearly all instances where there’s a recognizable item in a TV show, that placement has been purchased. The hottest show right now is Modern Family. Ad Age says, “Family chieftain Jay Pritchett (Ed O'Neill) was spotted in recent weeks driving an Audi A8, with another character commenting on what a nice car it was. And Target got a huge spotlight this past holiday season, thanks to a plotline in which the cast scurries to have an "express Christmas" before separating for the holidays. As part of the show, Claire Dunphy (Julie Bowen) pushes a Target cart through a busy Target store, with logos evident throughout the scene. Whenever the family travels, an airline and hotel or other vacation site often appear as well.”

One exception to the rule was Claire’s gift of an iPad to Phil in 2010. While Apple must have cooperated, they did not pay to play.

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Sometimes authors will use brand names as shorthand for what the character is like. And occasionally, there has been paid product placement in books.

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