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Sometimes I wish I lived in NYC so I could go to events like this one

I’m a member of Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCWBI) but what they offer in Oregon is (probably naturally) but a pale shadow of what you could get in NYC. For example, they have sponsor an ongoing Tuesday Professional lecture series. At a recent one, a panel of three agents - Erica Rand Silverman of Sterling Lord Literistic, Rebecca Sherman of Writers House, and Edward Necarsulmer IV of McIntosh & Otis - spoke.

Publishers Weekly covered the event. Here’s the most interesting tidbit: “Weissner asked the panel about what types of children’s and YA books are selling best, to which Necarsulmer responded, “That’s not a helpful question.” He elaborated by suggesting that writers don’t necessarily benefit from thinking about what specific kinds of books are selling at a given moment. A better question, he speculated, might be not “what” is selling, but “why.” For example, writers might want to think about why a phenomenon like the Twilight series holds such a powerful draw for readers.”

I think that’s great advice. Plus, if I were a guy I would love to be named Edward Necarsulmer IV because he sounds like a necromancer with a storied family history.

You can read more about the children’s agents’ panel here including a shout-out to our LJ friend gneri and his book Ghetto Cowboys.

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