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More on the fine art of writing blurbs

For some reason, I’e seen a number of humorous essays on the art of blurb writing. Blurbs are those quotes about the book authors (or their editors) try to get from authors (or sometimes from experts in the field, or some sort of celebrity). If you are asked to blurb a book, there’s definitely an art to it. I’ve blurbed a few books in my time, but I feel I’m not pithy enough.

Here is a piece of advice from the latest essay, which ran in BN Review:

13.  Assuming you are a writer, be bitter, as in "I might just as well string myself up--'Damien's Curse' is that good." Or "I threw my computer into the furnace after I read 'Some Statistical Variations in the Populations of Small Towns in Central Nebraska.' " 

You can read more advice on writing blurbs here.

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