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Tongue-in-cheek tips on writing book reviews

As a book reviewer, I found this hilarious.
Here's a snippet:
"But what is book reviewing about?

"Book review writing is very much the same [as writing a novel], except that instead of telling people about characters, the idea is to tell the reader all about YOU.

"But surely, I hear you protest, the idea of writing a book review is to tell the reader all about the book under review, and the writer.

"Oh, please. This is no time for naivete."
There's a guy who has posted his "reviews" on Amazon, and in each review, no matter what kind of book it was for, he always worked in favorable mention of his self-published novel. He toiled so tirelessly that he managed to get a write-up about his hundreds of "reviews" in Newsweek online, which he then began to quote. Newsweek said, "It may well be a great book," and it was clear no one at the magazine had read it. Now he just says that Newsweek said it was a "great book." A lesson to all us reviewers - make sure a snippet can't be taken out of context.

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