Oklahoma, OK!

I just got an email from a librarian in Oklahoma saying that Girl, Stolen is a finalist for Oklahoma's Sequoyah Book Award.

So it’s a finalist for:
- Oklahoma's Sequoyah Book Award
- Maryland's Black-Eyed Susan award
New Hampshire's Isinglass Teen Read award

- Nebraska's Golden Sower award

- Missouri's Truman award

As well as:
Finalist for Oregon Book Award (Linda Sue Park is the judge!)
- Chosen for St. Louis Book Battle
Chosen for One Book, One Community in Olney, Illinois
Chosen as a Cafe Book in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania and Stafford schools and the Central Rappahannock Regional Library in Virginia

Pretty good for a book my old Putnam editor turned down...

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I am stunned to hear that this truly LITERARY novel was turned down!!!! I read a lot of YA and occasionally will try a contemporary....and "Girl Stolen" is in a class of its own! It is brilliant, strongly-written, has an insanely cool ending....it's really one of the best YA novels of its time.
Other than Oregon, I have never been to any of those states. I'll be in St. Louis and Illinois in March. And Ohio, another place I've never been.
It's kind of unreal. I've never had this many honors for a book before. Now of course I worry people won't like the new one nearly as much. ;-)
I'm a finalist, but when I look at the others on the lists (some big, big names/books) this might be as close as I come.
In all cases the book is up against such big names, such well known books, that I doubt I'll actually win-win.