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What are the hot trends in books for kids and teens?

School LIbrary Journal interviewed the editorial director of the Junior Library Guild (JLG) (which just picked The Night She Disappeared for their spring list - yay!) about what she’s seeing in new releases of books for kids and teens.

”Dystopian novels are a continuing trend. After the Snow (Feiwel & Friends) by S. D. Crockett stands out. Paranormal books are everywhere. There are lots of protagonists who are half-mermaid, half-angel, or half-fairy. Memory loss and mistaken identity are big. Another popular theme that I'm seeing is someone, somehow, occupying a body other than his or her original one. The Alchemy of Forever (S & S) by Avery Williams is highly enjoyable.

I’ve heard good things about After the Snow. It’s been a while since I read a paranormal, although I loved Ashes by Ilsa Bick, and there are some aspects that could be considered paranormal, right? Mermaids makes me think of Lisa Madigan’s book, The Mermaid’s Mirror. And for memory loss, there’s my 2013 book, Finish Her Off. As for people in someone else’s body, you’ve got to read Martyn Bedford’s Flip.

Read about trends in books for kids and teens.

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