aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Lucky me! My books are eligible for an award!

Lucky me! My books are eligible for an award! And it will only cost $75 to $95 each to enter each book.

The email I got begins:

"Character Building Counts (CBC) Book Awards honors books that deliver a character-building message. No matter what genre your books is in (children's, YA, adult fiction, or adult nonfiction), it may well embody character-building lessons that society can benefit from. Prizes include radio time, book seals, press releases, Internet presence, and more.
Energize your writing career by becoming a CBC award-winning author. Get the attention and acclaim your work deserves."

I think it's telling that the email has a lot of pesky grammatical errors. And when you check out the website, what do you find? Lots and lots of self-published books.

Any time I get anything like this I google some key words as well as the word "scam."

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