Wow - this guy totally understands what my blog is about

Just got this email:

I'd like to inquire about doing a sponsored blogpost on your site for our site [redacted]. We sell
pre-owned Rolex watches and have been in business since 1980 and are looking for more exposure online.

It would probably be a short interesting blurb 250-350 words about Rolex watches.
Here's a list of some blog post titles we've done in the past:
- Are Rolex Watches A Good Investment?
- The Most Popular Rolex Watches For 2012
- Famous Vintage Rolex Watches Worn By Celebrities

Our budget is around $15 for the post and we can also write the post. Is this something you'd be open to?

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Maybe for an extra five bucks you'd be willing to mention a pre-owned Rolex in one of your books? No?

kinda scary...
I don't believe this came from Rolex. It's a very classy, expensive watch and they wouldn't resort to this kind of thing.
Re: Ooop, my mistake
Ah, it says "pre-owned." People who really do buy "pre-owned" Rolexes (I sold my Rolex to an antique dealer a few years ago) want the original certificate of authenticity and the warranty and the original box. They *never* buy from some site on the net.
It's nice to know that if you decide to sell out, someone's buying--- albeit for $15. :D
I used to get this crap all the time on LJ. I changed my settings (which I'm sure is annoying to people who aren't my friends) and it's finally dwindled down to almost nothing.
This is the first one I've gotten. Sniff. I guess I'm not that popular.

By the way, I think Rolex watches are an excellent investment. (Think they would be willing to give me some portion for writing that?)