Truth or Truthiness, Part III

I give up. The snake has swallowed its tail. I don't know where truth ends and lies begin.

NPR covered The Lifespan of a Fact today. The book is about an essay that was assigned to a fact-checker - and written by both the writer and the fact-checker, and I've posted about it before.

Harpers excerpted some of their exchanges.

But NPR reveals "the correspondence between D'Agata and Fingal, as it turns out, was largely invented for the sake of the book.".

:::head spins:::

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The thing that was most interesting about the excerpts I saw was the author's condescending tone and the fact-checker's even answers. But it all changes if you know it was made up.

Now I don't even want to read their one book.
"Clued in ahead of time" is another way of saying "bait and switch"

Maybe this is why I read far more fiction than non - because I like a story that doesn't have a lot of digressions, or things that don't make sense, or unresolved issues.