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I just gave birth to fraternal twins

Today is the pub date for my 12th book, The Night She Disappeared! 12! I can barely comprehend that. (And the truth is that I wrote three books before my first one sold, and since then I’ve written books that haven’t sold in between ones that did, and I’ve got a couple more written that aren’t out in the world yet, so I’ve actually written at least 20 books.)

"When 17-year-old Kayla Cutler, an employee at Pete's Pizza, disappears while delivering an order, her fellow employees are shocked and disturbed. Unfolding over the two weeks after Kayla vanishes, Henry's (Girl, Stolen) heart-pounding mystery alternates among the perspectives of numerous characters, including Kayla's co-workers Gabie, who is traumatized by Kayla's kidnapping (and believes that she was the intended target), and Drew, a "straight-C stoner" who is supporting his drug-addicted mother, as well as a diver searching the Willamette River, a psychic, Kayla herself - and the man who kidnapped her. As Kayla plots an escape from the room in which she's being held, Gabie and Drew try to investigate what happened to her, holding out hope that she's still alive. It's a riveting story that many readers will finish in one sitting, full of suspects and augmented by police reports, interviews, and newspaper articles that, along with the variety of voices, make the events feel all the more real. Each chapter is a surprise, and the tension builds steadily until the inevitable climactic face-off."

- Publishers Weekly

"The thriller is narrated using a collage technique. Interspersed with the kids' and perpetrator's first-person accounts are police reports, 911 transcripts, webpages, interviews, etc., which add interest and texture....Gabie and Drew's budding relationship is believable, and it has a strong wingding climax followed by a feel-good ending."

- Kirkus

"The Night She Disappeared is a genuine thriller that races along from first page to last. Tightly plotted and neatly told."

- Marcus Sedgwick, award-winning author of Revolver

Foreign and other rights
Rights have already sold in Germany, England, and Turkey, and the book is a Junior Library Guild selection.

Girl, Stolen out in paperback today
It’s also the pub date for the paperback edition of Girl, Stolen. They’ve given it a whole new cover.

And I made a video about what inspired the book and some of the research behind it.

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