aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

I wish I were better at suspending disbelief

I do a ton of research for books, and I always feel embarrassed if I get a fact wrong in my books. But sometimes I feel like my need for things to be true and right gets in the way of my having a good time. Sometimes I'll find myself putting down a book because it contains events that simply couldn't happen. But that's like expecting Desperate Housewives to be reality-based instead of good, frothy fun.

Last night when I couldn't sleep I stayed up late reading a thriller. The premise is that a girl was nearly killed and now must figure out who did it before they finish the job.

She wakes in the hospital unable to move her arms and legs - and also unable to feel touch. OMG, she's a quadriplegic!

But no.

The doctor tells her that nothing is really wrong "hypothesizing that my paralysis was in part due to swelling on my spinal cord and partially psychological. The swelling of my limbs was a result of the drugs and would go down soon." He adds that with luck soon she'll be "good as new."

Say what? In what world does it work like that?

I put it aside.

Do you ever have trouble suspending disbelief?

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Tags: disbelief, reality vs. perception, truth or fiction
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