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Amazon - it’s getting harder to feel neutral about them

I have such a love/hate relationship with Amazon. Over a decade ago, Amazon asked me to write an essay about my second book which they sent to anyone who had indicated they liked mysteries, something that pushed my ranking (briefly) down into two digits. I sometimes link to them when I talk about a particular book, because Indiebound can occasionally be clunky. And I love being able to order a pair of yoga socks, a Yonannas machine, and a young adult book and not pay for shipping. It’s easy to order books for my mom with a click or two. I love their cheap prices and will admit I don’t want to know how they achieve those low prices.

Amazon says it is driven to make its customers happy, but it’s more realistic to believe its driven to make things better for shareholders. If that coincides with what customers want, great. If it doesn’t, too bad.

It’s also starting to feel like Amazon is acting like a bully - about paying sales tax, about the predatory pricing. Their relentless drive to lower prices is going to impact a lot of people. Including - and possibly more than anyone - authors.

The New York Times looks at a publisher that has stopped selling on Amazon.

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