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On your feet or on your butt or on your bed

How do you write? On your feet or on your butt or on your bed?

I used to write sitting down but then I saw a research study that found that sitting six or more hours a day was linked to 37 percent increased risk of premature death. So I got a little portable standing desk and set my laptop on it. (Of course, sometimes my “work” might involve asking my kajukenbo or kung fu sifu how my character might best get out of a bad situation.)

I would definitely have a standing treadmill if there was any room for it. The only possible place I might put it would be upstairs, but I understand treadmills are extremely heavy and we have the steepest stairs imaginable. (I don’t think they were to code even when the house was built in 1921.) The idea of trying to get something that weighs 200-400 pounds up there is daunting.

I also understand with a treadmill it’s best to have a separate screen at eye-level so you aren’t looking down at your screen. That is a drawback of my standing desk. The ideal height for my hands to type on my laptop is not the ideal place for my eyes to look. Sometimes I look up and not at the screen, but that leads to typos.

A friend who created a makeshift standing desk also calls it her imaginary treadmill. She steps up and down in front of it. She felt it helped her get through a killer deadline.

I do have a Fit Desk, a exercycle with a resting place for your computer. It only weighs about 40 pounds so I got it upstairs okay. But the seat is extremely uncomfortable. I can only sit on it for 30 minutes at a stretch. After a period of it gathering dust I have started using it to read on.

What about you?

Check out how other writers have written over the years. Dahl wrote in a sleeping bag and another tall author wrote on top of a fridge (an old fridge, obviously).

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