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A book is not a "product base"

I just got asked to be "friends" with someone on Myspace. His profile says, "My name is "Name Changed" and I am the author of a new series of children's books called 'The Loons'." [Full Disclosure: I also changed the name of his product.] Then when you click over to his website you learn that "The Loons are a series of children's books for children under the age of 5. They incorporate real-life images of my closest friends' children with digitally drawn Loons. The website is complete (T-shirts and other merchandise is available to order), and I am hoping to self-publish the first book in the Spring of 2007 through my company 'Loon Inc.' (which will expand its product base into other forms of children's entertainment in the years to come).

"Here are the titles to the upcoming books!
The Loons in:
A Loon Thanksgiving
A Loon Invasion
A Loon Christmas
A Loon Thanksgiving
A Loon Halloween
Be Kind to Animals
Loon Meets Loona

"The Loons provide entertainment to young children while teaching them morals. The Loons will be coming soon to bookstores and book fairs near you."

I'm sorry, but this guy doesn't seem to have actually written anything. Maybe I'm naïve, but if I wanted to be an author I would start writing books first, not hawking T-shirts and bibs. And books that set out to explicitly teach kids lessons are uniformly horrible, with stuff like "And then Billy Bunny learned it was good to share."

There's more that I could say, but I'm not gonna.

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