Need help developing a tough skin? Order up your own rejection

Authors need to get used to rejections. Even already-published authors aren't immune. I had two big ones on the same day last year.

Now the Rejection Generator is here to help you get used to rejection.

From the website:
The Rejection Generator is designed for all writers. Emerging writers can utilize it to remember life before their first break. Writers well-established in their careers can use it for balance: no matter how successful a writer is, each year there are Pulitzers to lose, as well as National Book Awards, PENs, and Nobels to not be selected for; maintaining a sharp sense of rejection as award announcements approach is important. And, of course, beginning writers not used to or only barely used to the sheer weight of rejection that lies ahead can use the Generator to get ready for the future.

To generate your own rejections for yourself, click here.

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I wonder which would be worse: A rejection from this automated thingy or a rejection on, say, a novel your agent has shopped around to publishers, or on a revision you've done at the request of someone.
LOL! Hysterical Here's mine:

Dear Writer,

And for your next trick, you’ll … what? Make a human turd turn into an ursine one? No? Create a maggot-vomiting cat? Do tell. We expect wonders.

The Editors

Must. Post. This.