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The Yack – is it worth it?

Author Lawrence Ross recently launched The Yack, a free social networking Web site that's devoted to bringing authors and readers together. Publishers Weekly says, “The site, which went live in November, will be moving out of beta stage later this month. Thus far, there are 400 registered members, with a goal of reaching one million Yacksters by the end of 2007.” Judging by who is there now, that might be a very ambitious goal.

When you go to the home page, the picture in the header is kind of funny – three beautiful 20-somethings. In my mind, that age group is probably the least likely to read. And when you look at people's profiles, it reminds me of myspace, in that everyone who signs up gets one friend to start – Lawrence (not Tom). Like myspace it has groups and blogs.

PW says, “The Yack is open to all genres and authors. Ross is contacting publishers to encourage their authors to join and promote their books. Authors can set up a personal page, create a blog, host a chat, post events and interact directly with readers. Ross said that he wants the Yack to provide the bestseller, midlister and neophyte writer with a place to expand their book-buying base.”

From what I can tell, hardly anyone who isn’t unpublished or self-published is there. It seems to me like gather.com, an interesting idea that when I actually visit I can’t figure out why I would want to be there, or why I would want to take the time to replicate stuff I have other places, like my website or my myspace or my LJ.

Has anyone had a different experience?

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