What a difference four years makes

In 2008, I had written a book inspired by a true story of a blind girl who was accidentally kidnapped when a guy stole her mother's car.

I loved it. But my then-editor didn't.

Re-write it from the POV of the kidnapper, he said, and maybe he might be interested. Maybe. Although there had been so many kidnapping books...

I talked about it with my agent. I thought the book was right as it was. Going out to other editors meant it would be hard to come back to my own. But we did.

And one by one the rejections came in.

I still remember walking to the gym, almost exactly four years ago, and praying/begging/complaining. And then a feeling of "Be still and know that I am God" overcame me.

And a few days later it sold to that last editor. Who loved it as it was.

Now Girl, Stolen just won Maryland's Black-Eyed Susan award. I've never had a book win a state award before.

In fact, Girl, Stolen has been or is a finalist for:
- Oklahoma's Sequoyah Book Award
- Oregon Book Award
New Hampshire's Isinglass Teen Read award

- Nebraska's Golden Sower award

- Missouri's Truman award

As well as:
- A Barnes & Noble Teen Pick
- Chosen for St. Louis Book Battle
Chosen for One Book, One Community in Olney, Illinois
Chosen as a Cafe Book in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania and Stafford schools and the Central Rappahannock Regional Library in Virginia

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This post, and your journey, have been really inspiring to so many others. Congratulations!
It's strange to think there is an alternative universe where I rewrote the book. I wonder how it did?
Its always the best proving everyone else wrong. Always follow your gut. It never lies!

Proud of you!