That would really tick me off. Actually, it does tick me off even though it's not my book! I hope you respond to that post.
I did. If she was standing next to me in the grocery store line, would she reach into my purse and pull out a dollar? Because it's pretty much the same thing.

Also... I guess she has never heard of a library (mine you, my library doesn't have your book)
My library has a way for patrons to request online - I do that for books they are missing. LIke for a while, Multnomah County did not have Michael Grant's Gone books, which I love AND are popular and well-reviewed. So you could always ask your library and they might add it.
You should totally go back to that Yahoo site and answer her question. :D
You should answer as well! Maybe she could at least learn that she is not as circumspect as she thinks.
I'm surprised how many people don't see downloading unauthorized copies of music and books as stealing. But this person clearly knows it's wrong, and does it anyway. Wow.

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The only thing more irritating than people wanting to download your book without paying for it, is people not wanting to download your book without paying for it.