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The wonder of WONDER

There are so few books I would say are perfect as is. Wonder is one of them.

August - Auggie- Pullman is 10. He likes Star Wars and Xbox. He was also born with a deformed face. Despite dozens of surgeries, he is never going to look normal. Never know what it's like to have a stranger not stare. His mom has home schooled him, but just before fifth grade begins (for some reason that's when middle school starts in this area of the country), his parents decide he needs to be with other kids.

I had heard a lot about Wonder. No wonder. It's flat out beautiful. I'm going to buy a copy for my mom. While it's a perfect middle grade read, it's really a book all ages could appreciate. And there are a few references that only an adult is going to catch, not that it will matter to kids.

The book is told in sections by different people - Auggie, his best friend, his sister, his sister's boyfriend, and more. The author handles these switching POVs so well that you really believe you are hearing from each of the characters.

One thing struck me as amusing. I'm currently working on an editorial letter for a book that comes out next year. I've caught a couple of errors that both my editor and I have completely read over until now. One of those errors is that a character is taking French at the beginning of the book but in the end says she is taking German. I felt like - how could I have never noticed that!

But here's what I noticed in Wonder:

A wonderful story about how the author met a child with similar disabilities.

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