aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Life is a car ride

I've been thinking about what it's like to be a passenger. When my husband drives, I can read or nap or look at email on my phone. I don't pay attention to how he's driving. I'm sure he'll be fine.

I drove with my mom the other day. She's older now and I was on high alert. Does she see how close those cars parked on the street are? Is she going to stop at that stop sign? It was like I was driving.

Only I wasn't. No matter how much I braced myself against the dash, no matter how many times I tapped my imaginary brake, no matter how much I cringed - I wasn't in control.

And you know what? I'm not sure my husband is that much better of a driver than my mom. The only difference was the attitude I brought to it. And the stress I felt.

And a lot of times, in a lot of ways, I'm just a passenger. I need to figure out how to relax. How to do other things besides fret and try to keep the car from crashing using just my mind.

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Tags: stress

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