aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Ladies, you need to be fixed, part II

While this isn't quite as bad as the surgeon who suggests you need a few nips and tucks to improve the cosmetic appearance of your hoo-haw (http://aprilhenry.livejournal.com/1043770.html), I'm still kind of amazed by this:


It's not enough that we have:
- coiffed hair
- smooth, unwrinkled foreheads
- neatly plucked brows
- made up eyes
- pierced ears
- plump lips
- white, straight teeth
- unlined necks
- perky, large boobs
- smooth skin
- hairless legs and underarms (and often crotches)
- smooth, manicured feet and hands
- etc.
- etc.

but now we have to have pretty underarms as well?

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Tags: body parts
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