Ladies, you need to be fixed, part II

While this isn't quite as bad as the surgeon who suggests you need a few nips and tucks to improve the cosmetic appearance of your hoo-haw (, I'm still kind of amazed by this:


It's not enough that we have:
- coiffed hair
- smooth, unwrinkled foreheads
- neatly plucked brows
- made up eyes
- pierced ears
- plump lips
- white, straight teeth
- unlined necks
- perky, large boobs
- smooth skin
- hairless legs and underarms (and often crotches)
- smooth, manicured feet and hands
- etc.
- etc.

but now we have to have pretty underarms as well?

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I think it might also have to do with free time, disposable income, porn, the internet, and airbrushing that allows any woman in a still photo to be perfect.
It's pretty depressing, isn't it. They want us to feel like we're monsters in our natural state, and it's only going to get worse. My granddaughter is only 3, and already I worry for her. :(

What we should do is go into business for ourselves and convince women they need wrist reductions or oval nostrils or something they don't yet realize is wrong.

But yeah, you're right, it is sad. As a feminist, I hate that all this marketing is being embraced.