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See You at Harry's - bring your tissues for this one

On Sunday, the New York Times had this to say about See You at Harry's:

Acutely aware of the challenges teenagers must face, Jo Knowles has, in the past six years, written several acclaimed young adult novels tackling some of the more grueling hurdles, including teenage pregnancy and abuse. Her new book, “See You at Harry’s,” offers, on the one hand, a deft and delicate handling of commonplace traumas — how to negotiate bullying on the school bus, what it means for everyone in a family when a teenager comes to terms with his sexuality — and, on the other, the enormous and mercifully rare drama of...

Click here to read the whole review, but be aware, it contains a big spoiler..

I read the book last weekend, devouring it in big gulps. At one point my husband came upstairs to find me weeping. He gave me a few sideways glances, but then I could see him deciding it must be the book in my hands, rather than my own life.

But in a way, it was like my own life, because the characters are so real. I especially liked how jbknowles did not neaten up the edges. The family portrayed in See You at Harry's is less than perfect - and all the more real because of that.

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