Sit, sit, sit - not!

In case you hadn't heard about any of these studies - sitting for long periods of time will kill you.

I used to sit all day to write. Now I stand for long stretches. I would get a treadmill desk or dummy one up, but we really don't have room until Teen moves out.

standing desk

So I got a cheap little standing desk on Amazon.

The only problem is that the keyboard height that is right for my wrists means I am continually looking down. I do NOT need another excuse to slouch. I thought about getting an Ikea Fredrik Desk and a separate keyboard so I can have the screen at eye level and the keyboard at wrist level. And then after Teen moves out I could add a treadmill underneath.

uncaged ergonmics

Then I saw this standing desk from Uncaged Ergnomics..

I use my laptop at the right height now, with an old keyboard and mouse hooked up to it. I think it is helping me not to slouch.

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I thought it was a good investment. It's lightweight and folds down flat so it doesn't take up that much space, either.