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Parents now have so many ways to snoop - so should they?

Since I have a teen, the New York Times has an article this morning that hits close to home.

Big Brother? No, It's Parents looks at how technology has changed childhood - and how parents are using technology to monitor their kid's Facebooks, Twitter streams, text messages, and even if the kid is speeding or texting while driving.

It used to be a lot simpler when there were fewer ways to snoop. Back in my day, it was limited to your mom reading your diary or maybe hovering outside whatever small space you'd managed to drag the corded phone into. Now I know parents who have installed software on their kids computers and phones that captures every key stroke.

All teens lie, break the rules, and take risks that would freak their parents out if they knew about them. Nearly all will come out the other side as functioning adults. (This was true when I was a teen myself.) But another downside of technology is that through reality TV we are even more aware of what happens to kids who make really big mistakes and end up being on 16 And Pregnant or Intervention.

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Tags: facebook, sneaky, teen secrets
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