Your ebook is reading you while you’re reading it

An article in the Wall Street Journal begins:

The major new players in e-book publishing—Amazon, Apple and Google—can easily track how far readers are getting in books, how long they spend reading them and which search terms they use to find books. Book apps for tablets like the iPad, Kindle Fire and Nook record how many times readers open the app and how much time they spend reading. Retailers and some publishers are beginning to sift through the data, gaining unprecedented insight into how people engage with books.

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Big Brother! I wonder if they can only track if you're online while you're reading? I don't keep my device online - I only turn it on to download books and then turn it off again.
I don't know. It seems likely that it could still track and wait to send data until you are online.
I wish there were a way for individuals to access that data, simply out of curiosity.
Guess I should go to the next Nook workshop and ask them how to turn off their data gathering. It should be amusing to watch the response.
I did end up going to B&N today, and I asked the Nook Expert how to opt out of their data gathering, and I got the blank look, and then the guy asked me where I read that, so I said "April Henry's blog has a link to that article" and he was reading it within minutes, and his eyes got bigger and bigger and bigger.

He still didnt have an answer for me, but I do think that he was on to Corporate soonest.
Yes, using that theory, if movie audiences get bored, someone should send in clowns or tickle them. When the problem is with the story.