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An "affectionate homage" or a blatant rip-off?

Isn't this a great cover?

But what the publisher neglected to mention is that it's an "affectionate homage" to a ground-breaking 50-year-old cover:


As the London Observer reports:
This book's publishers and author, Barry Fantoni of Private Eye fame, call it an "affectionate homage" to Hawkey, although they admit it is used without acknowledgement or authorisation.

Hawkey's widow, Mary Hawkey, Deighton's biographer, Edward Milward-Oliver, and a number of Hawkey's contemporaries have branded the jacket a rip-off and asked for its withdrawal, condemning it as "shameful" and "outrageous".

Mary Hawkey calls the jacket "plagiarism". "I can't tell you how distressed I am on seeing such an obvious copy of Ray's work. He was extraordinarily generous with, and encouraging towards, young graphic designers, but I believe he would have been appalled and angered by such a naked, barefaced copying."

Read more here.

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Tags: dueling covers, plagarism

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